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Personal Business Cards Samples

If you have decided to design and print your own personal business cards you probably want to make sure it has a nice design and is printed on a thick professional paper stock so the card makes a good impression. Below are three Personal Card Samples we hope will inspire you. We are also including an adobe photoshop business card template and a adobe illustrator business card template for you to download for free.

Personal Business Card
Sample 1
Personal Business Card
Sample 2
Personal Business Card
Sample 3
Personal Business Cards Personal Business Cards Personal Cards

Business Cards for Personal Use

Business cards are no longer only used by people in the business world. Many people are now using Personal Cards to share contact information. Imagine running into an old highscool friend in the grocery store and instead of fumbling around for a pen and paper you just hand them your Personal Business Cards with your home phone #, Cell # and email address. You may even want to include your facebook, myspace or twitter page.

Personal Business Cards – Free Design Download

The following Personal Business Card Template can be downloaded for free. This should give you a good starting point when designing your own personal card

Personal Business Card Printing
You can print your own cards at home or at a kwik kopy or kinkos but for a few extra dollars you could have a professional printing company print your personal business cards. There are a lot of cool options for printing on thick paper stocks, rounded edges, interesting shapes or even printing on plastic, corn or metal. Search around for creative ideas for your personal business card and have fun with it.

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